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 As seen on [personal profile] jcd1013 's journal:

"I have read enough blog posts to confirm this to my own satisfaction. I doubt this was a voluntary move. This post on the Russian side is particularly revealing: Servers Alive magazine moved to the Lubyanka. Note the five pages of comments. Also, "Alive magazine" means LiveJournal, in case that was unclear.
"What this means is that our content no longer has the protection of California law. It is now under the jurisdiction of a corrupt, brutal, authoritarian regime. Russians are far more at risk but what with the incoming president being so chummy with Vladimir Putin, you can draw your own conclusions.
"If that matters to you, you might want to move on.
"If you do decide to delete your LJ, please consider migrating before you pull the plug. You can import your journal to Dreamwidth, along with your icons, tags, and comments. If you own any communities, you can import them as well. (If you can afford it, please consider a paid account. Dreamwidth is a small company that accepts no advertising. We don't want it to go under. This applies to current users, too.)
"I am preparing for the possibility of either the Russian government or SUP shutting down LiveJournal without warning. If you care about your content, I suggest you do, too."
Some resources to make the transition:

I've already moved my journal over to DW and it really is fairly easy. I'm [personal profile] alianne82 over there. Please friend me there if you move as well or have already!

Additionally I can still be found on AO3: [ profile] Alianne82 , on Tumblr: [ profile] alianne and on my personal Twitter: [ profile] lang_witch although that is non-fandom. But feel free to follow me there as well.

I am not going to delete my LJ and I will keep cross-posting for a while. But I wanted to make sure I can keep all of my stuff I have on LJ. I think we should all do that, just in case.

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1. Your main fandom(s) of the year: I guess Klaine still has first place here? Even though these days I'm much more invested in Zimbits and Patater (Check, Please!). But I feel like Philkas (Eyewitness) is quickly catching up. I've never had three OTPs before. (Four, if you count Klaine.) 2017 is gonna be interesting.

2. Your favourite film this year: Um. ??? idk I don't really watch a lot of films. And I haven't seen Rogue One yet because there's no place here that shows the original English. And there's no way I'm watching the German dubbed version.

3. Your favourite book this year: Read this year or published this year? Read . . . a toss up between the Raven Cycle and the Captive Prince series. And since both also had their final instalments published this year it counts for both categories.

4. Your favourite album or song this year: Haha too bad there hasn't been a new Glee cast album. I can't think of anything that came out this year, but thanks to endlessly obsessing over Sense8 I've had What's Up by 4 Non Blondes stuck in my head for most of the year.

5. Your favourite TV show this year: Eyewitness. Even though I've only watched it like two weeks ago. I haven't really followed anything else this year, at least not anything that really managed to capture my attention. I mean Glee is still a favourite even though it's over, but . . . yeah. I'm gonna say Eyewitness.

6. Your favourite LJ community this year: LOL

7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year: Check, Please! and Eyewitness. Oh god I love both.

8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year: Hmm. I don't think there have been any disappointments? Check, Please! never disappoints and I've only been in the Philkas fandom for like three days, haha. The Doctor Who xmas special was a bit underwhelming but I didn't expect much from it in the first place, so it doesn't count.

9. Your TV/Movie boyfriend of the year: OMG Jack Zimmermann.

10. Your TV/Movie girlfriend of the year: Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I love her.

11. Your biggest squee moment of the year: Jack Zimmermann showing up drenched by the rain on Bitty's doorstep (okay the Haus doorstep) to tell Bitty that they're a team. Hockey robot. Yeah. Sure. :)

12. Your most missed old fandom: Glee. I mean, I'm never saying goodbye to it (see what I did there? Haha) but it's not the same anymore. I love Klaine and I've done what I can to contribute to keeping fandom active, but I'm also happy to have found new things that have still active fandoms.

13. A fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to? OMG no. I have almost more fandoms than I can keep track of as it is.

14. Your biggest anticipation of the New Year: Sense8. Hopefully a new season of Eyewitness with Philkas still there?? Sherlock, and finally new Doctor Who, and OMG EVERY Check, Please! update.

Idk how much sense there still is in tagging people on LJ, but if you see this, consider yourself tagged!
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writing. Is going okay-ish again? I've managed to finish a lot of things lately. None of my WIPs, but. It's a start. And I have big plans to tackle the bounty hunter Klaine I've been working on since 2011 next. Maybe I should find a brainstorm buddy to work out some things. There are atill a number of plot holes.

reading. I did the goodreads challenge thing with the goal of reading 50 books this year and, uh, yeah. No. If fic would count, though, I'd have reached the goal in January probably. ^^

computer problems. Windows 10 is seriously pissing me off. I work with two monitors and it keeps changing my screen resolution and reorganising my desktop icons and the only fix is using 3rd party software. Like. ??? I think I'm gonna switch back to Linux. I had Ubuntu on the old laptop and it was miles better than Windows anyway, so maybe over the holidays I'll have some time for that.

TV. I've finally started watching Eyewitness and I'm already addicted. And now it might not get a second season? Ahh! But on that note, LOOK AT THIS PROJECT TO SAVE THE SHOW!!! You don't even need to watch the episode, just get it and stream it while you go grocery shopping or whatever.

Hope you're all doing well! <3
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So in an attempt to distract myself I have finally started catching up on Doctor Who, which I had stopped watching after Matt Smith left.

What was that thing going around a while ago about how Nine was a tiger, Ten was Tigger, Eleven was the housecat who pretends he meant to do that after falling off the furniture, and Twelve was Grumpy Cat? Because I've always agreed with the first three, but the last one seems very accurate as well.

I don't hate Twelve, but Eleven won me over faster. And I'm getting a little tired of Clara tbh. But then it's hard for any companion to live up to Martha Jones or Amy Pond. I'm almost through with the last season. I just want to be done in time to watch the Christmas Special.


Nov. 29th, 2016 06:22 pm
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can I just have one single thing that doesn't suck? One good thing? Would that be possible?

I know, I know. Unrealistic expectations.

If you don't try then everything's shit, and if you do try everything goes to shit anyway so the end result is the same. So why even bother.
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I'm not even American, but I feel sick. I'm truly devastated.

Sending love to all of you, especially all of my American friends. Please remember that you're not alone. <3
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Day 3 of NaNo and I've just decided I'm going to do it after all. I've had this steampunk idea stuck in my head for quite a while now and since I'm almost done with edits on my current project, it does seem like the perfect time? (No I don't need to finish editing the other thing first, shut up.) I have the plot. It really should write itself? Ahhh, okay. Outlining first.

EDIT: Also, as a reward for almost finishing my new novel draft, I just ordered this T-shirt. :D
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I'm kind of *drowning* in story ideas. I have five WIPs I'm determined to finish right now, one other thing I think I'm going to start anyway next week, and so many things I have no idea what to do with. I'm going to submit some to the prompt blog, I guess, but I also kind of want to keep some of them to myself? Idk idk. This is not a problem per se. This is a good thing. But I really really should finish at least one of them before I start something new wahhh I just don't know anymore? How many WIPs is still reasonable?? Is ten too much???
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waahh I haven't been here IN AGES.

In my defence, I got diagnosed with a shiny new illness, been working on one manuscript and two big bang fics, launching one new prompt blog, working on putting together a huge big Klaine fic index, renovating the house, job hunting, generally drowning in paperwork, and vacationing in the Netherlands for ten days. Well, you get the idea.

Hmm, I hit "Post New Entry" with the intention of saying something profound, but I don't actually have anything to say . . . so have a good weekend, everyone, and I'm gonna go back to avoiding all responsibility and scrolling through old [ profile] kurt_blaine rec posts.

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Because [ profile] jcd1013 wanted to see it:

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That's at London Film and Comic Con 2007. Like I said, Milo Ventimiglia really is tiny. And they were there for Heroes, I think, which is why Adrian Pasdar is in the picture. Who is also not a giant, like, he totally looks taller on TV? I mean, I'm 1.72m which is like . . . 5'8"-ish according to Google? Just to give you an idea. BUT ANYWAY from a less height-obsessed perspective, yes, I have photographic evidence that I did indeed meet Jess from Gilmore Girls. \o/ (Also, I totally forgot that I used to wear contacts nine years ago. Huh.)

Ugh I want to go to another convention. That one was so much fun, I can't believe that was almost a decade ago? We also saw Nana Visitor and hung out with the Wraith Queen from Stargate Atlantis! Ahh, yes. Good times! :)
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I just feel the need to leave *hugs* here. Big queer hugs, and the hope that maybe one day all our differences will do is make us eager to learn from each other. What a beautiful world that would be.

I hope you're all doing okay. <3 Let's all keep making beautiful things and spreading love.


May. 28th, 2016 05:50 pm
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I forgot how much I hate listening to recordings of my own voice. I made myself listen to the Todaydreambelievers Glee podcast I did and OMG that is NOT how I usually sound like I DO NOT ALWAYS SOUND LIKE I HAVE A COLD and I also don't always sound like a complete moron and okay yes the accent is real, I do have a horrible German accent. Good thing I signed up for like three more of those, haha. I am looking forward to recording them, but HOLY CRAP what is my voice. But I don't get many chances to *speak* English so YAY I'm not going to pass up this opportunity!

On a less awkward topic, I hope you're all having a good weekend!
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writing. My side characters are trying to take over the story. I can't pin down my two main characters at all - I'm not quite sure why. But this is annoying. Especially since I'm almost 20k into the story. Another 30-40k and I should have finished the first draft. And I still don't really know who they are. I have four side characters who I can see quite clearly in my mind. But the two main characters - nope.

writing II. I'm considering signing up for the Check, Please! Big Bang. Somebody talk me out of this. But it's only 10k and I love big bangs and IT'S ONLY 10K and oh who am I kidding of course I'm signing up. Maybe.

reading. How soon after finishing a book series is too soon to reread? I mean, I am a rereader. I reread things. But I still have a massive TBR pile to get through and ugh idk HOW SOON IS TOO SOON.

and also. Do you ever remember really old arguments and still get inexplicably angry because YOU WERE RIGHT DAMMIT.
. . . I need a cup of coffee.

Also I can't believe it's only Thursday. How much longer until the weekend???


May. 12th, 2016 07:06 pm
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Today can fuck off and die in a fire.
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I found a really old fic in my drafts folder; a bounty hunter AU I never finished apparently. It's already over 30k and I'm really thinking about finishing it. Here's an excerpt because it's actually not as bad as I thought and I was kind of amused by this.

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Idk man, I really kind of do want to finish this stupid thing, but there are still some pretty big gaps in the plot. Also I suck at writing crime stuff. I'd have to find a brainstorming buddy. But I'm really really tempted to actually work on this again.
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Sometimes I wish Tumblr had a way to turn off Likes for specific posts. Or that there was a "Bookmark" button and a "Like" button.

I don't want Likes on my fic. I seriously just don't want them. What the fuck does a Like tell me? NOTHING, that's what. Did you Like it because you're saving it for later? Did you Like it because you thought it was good? But not quite good enough to reblog?

Idk man. Tumblr is moving so fucking fast, people who create things kind of rely on reblogs for their stuff to get it seen at all. If nobody reblogs, things just get lost in the flood of posts. And especially for writers and artists who spent hours/days/weeks/months working on their stuff, that can really suck.

And yeah, this has been brought on by my last fic getting barely any reblogs other than my own. Doesn't make it any less true.

I know I haven't always been very good about reblogging either. I also sometimes put stuff in my Likes to read later and then I don't have time to go back to it until much, much later. But maybe that's a thing to work on.

No idea why I'm even posting this to LJ. Completely wrong platform. I know. I just kind of need to think out loud here and get out some of my frustration at the same time.

Okay, time to go be frustrated somewhere else. I'm ready for this week to be over, honestly.


Apr. 16th, 2016 10:06 pm
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I'm working on an actual post with actual Things to talk about, but right now Things are still kind of weird so in the meantime some happy things because we all need those:

1.) Klaine people: check out this shiny new fic blog! There's gonna be old fic and new fic and you can become a member and reblog WHATEVER YOU WANT YAY (well, not whatever - I mean, it's a Klaine fic blog, so maybe no crochet patterns and/or beer tasting reviews), and there are gonna be events and challenges and it's gonna be fun.

2.) Everyone: if you're not reading this webcomic (Check, Please!) you're doing it wrong because it's the most adorable thing EVER and I did not even want to get sucked into a new fandom but here I am having SO MANY FEELINGS and basically it's the Best Thing Ever and a source for much happiness that has significantly brightened the past days for me.

I hope you're all having a good weekend and I'm hugging all of your faces and I'm gonna be around more again soon-ish, I promise! <3


Apr. 3rd, 2016 12:04 pm
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I'm back home but I might not be around much for a little while longer because my grandmother died this morning.

Hugs for everyone!


Mar. 23rd, 2016 09:43 am
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Just a quick update to say I have decided that I like being on holiday. I'm getting so much reading done! And walking. We're lucky with the weather so far.

Photographic evidence )

I'll probably be hanging out on Twitter and Instagram the next few weeks (in case anyone wants to be friends over there).

Okay, I have to go do some more walking now. Hope you're all having a nice week!


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