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alianne82 ([personal profile] alianne82) wrote2016-12-03 03:58 pm
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"Planet of the pudding brains"

So in an attempt to distract myself I have finally started catching up on Doctor Who, which I had stopped watching after Matt Smith left.

What was that thing going around a while ago about how Nine was a tiger, Ten was Tigger, Eleven was the housecat who pretends he meant to do that after falling off the furniture, and Twelve was Grumpy Cat? Because I've always agreed with the first three, but the last one seems very accurate as well.

I don't hate Twelve, but Eleven won me over faster. And I'm getting a little tired of Clara tbh. But then it's hard for any companion to live up to Martha Jones or Amy Pond. I'm almost through with the last season. I just want to be done in time to watch the Christmas Special.