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alianne82 ([personal profile] alianne82) wrote2016-10-23 04:48 pm

*tap tap* is this thing still on?

waahh I haven't been here IN AGES.

In my defence, I got diagnosed with a shiny new illness, been working on one manuscript and two big bang fics, launching one new prompt blog, working on putting together a huge big Klaine fic index, renovating the house, job hunting, generally drowning in paperwork, and vacationing in the Netherlands for ten days. Well, you get the idea.

Hmm, I hit "Post New Entry" with the intention of saying something profound, but I don't actually have anything to say . . . so have a good weekend, everyone, and I'm gonna go back to avoiding all responsibility and scrolling through old [ profile] kurt_blaine rec posts.

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It has been a week since you posted this, but I have only just now had a chance to stop by and read. **sigh** I am super busy at a job I love but it makes fannish things take a back seat to real life things. Glad you are doing better. <3<3

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*hugs* I'm glad you love your job. I always find that makes being super busy a bit less exhausting at least. ♥
Fandom will still be around whenever things calm down for you.

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OMG, you replied a month ago and I'm just now checking it. Oops. Okay, so check your e-mail, okay? I just sent you something.

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Hiiiiiiii! :D *hugs* So good to see you around again....

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*hugs back* It's good to be around again! :D