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I found a really old fic in my drafts folder; a bounty hunter AU I never finished apparently. It's already over 30k and I'm really thinking about finishing it. Here's an excerpt because it's actually not as bad as I thought and I was kind of amused by this.

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Idk man, I really kind of do want to finish this stupid thing, but there are still some pretty big gaps in the plot. Also I suck at writing crime stuff. I'd have to find a brainstorming buddy. But I'm really really tempted to actually work on this again.

oh hi :)

Apr. 2nd, 2012 10:18 am
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I guess I haven't posted here in a while - I've been hanging out over at tumblr. The pretty pictures just kind of draw you in. *sigh* But here, have an actual written update for a change.

I have a new job - have been there for over a month, actually, and not only does it pay better (I can actually live off what I make there, which is a great improvement), but it also doesn't suck. Now, work is just an incovenience distracting me from books and fanfiction, instead of hell every day.

Actually, I finally started buying furniture this weekend - I am now the proud owner of bookshelves. (And yes, I'm still sleeping on the floor. I'm buying a bed next month. Sorry, but I had to buy a home for my books before I worry about my own comfortableness, and YES I AM COMPLETELY SANE. SHUT UP.)

It looks like spring outside - I already spent an entire weekend out on the balcony reading (not this weekend, the weather was shit). So I already had my first (very mild) sunburn of the year.

As far as writing is concerned - yeah, that's not going so well right now. (In case some What Are The Odds reader stumbles across this post - I'm sorry, I'm doing the best I can. It's just that everything I write comes out and complete and utter crap at the moment.)

Have a nice week, everyone. :)
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I’d just like to apologise for the delay. I’m hoping to get the next part up sometime this week.

Thanks to everyone who has commented or rec’d this silly little story so far. I hope you’ll consider the next chapter worth the wait.

And, again, I’m sorry. It was never my intention to take so long between updates, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

That is all, you may now return to your regularly scheduled program.
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FYI - From now on, all of my Klaine fanfiction will be on Scarves&Coffee as well as on livejournal.

I'm still going to post everything here, because I love LJ and am never going to abandon it. But Scarves&Coffee makes it so much easier to keep track of stories. My naturally unorganised mind approves of that very much, because I keep forgetting to update the masterlist on this journal. Over there, I don't even have to worry about that.

I am here, most of my writing is already up.

The only thing I haven't added yet is the Christmas Carol AU, because even though I wrote it as a Klaine story, they're not really the focus of it all the time. I also haven't put the Klaine Trek up over there - I don't really know if I should because it's terribly AU. If you have any thoughts on that matter, let me know.

That is all - you may now return to your regularly scheduled program.


Dec. 29th, 2011 10:20 pm
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stupid writer's block. I have a WIP to finish.

If anyone has a prompt for me, that would be great. Maybe it'll help.

So, prompts? Please? Anyone? I'll love you forever.
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Okay, with this post I should have the message out all over the interweb.

I need a beta for a Christmasy one-shot.

Details: Glee, Sue-centric, Klaine, based on ripping off old Mr. Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." ~11,000 words. I'd like to have it posted before Christmas.

(Also, yes, I've tried the Services Post at the k/b comm. No answer as of yet.)

Anyone who can help me out here will not only receive my eternal gratitude, but may also prompt me for anything, ask for beta in return, request that I name my first-born after them should I ever decide to have kids... pretty much anything, okay? I reeeeally need a second pair of eyes for this one.
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I've been doing a lot of thinking over these past few weeks, and the thing is, I love to write. Apart from music, it's the one thing that really makes me happy.

Now, I know I'm not the best writer in the world. My style is very often awkward and I have problems with continuity and characterization. In addition, I'm mostly writing in a language that isn't my own. All of that combined means that nothing I write will probably ever be popular. But you know what? It doesn't matter.

I write. I'm a writer. It's what I always wanted to be, it's what I still want to do, and I'm going to keep writing. I admit, I sometimes don't have very much confidence in myself as a writer. But somehow, not even that matters, because I cannot give it up, I never could.

I love it. I will never stop. Even when I'm eighty-five and my hands will be so arthritic that I can hardly type and I need a magnifying glass to see the letters on the screen, I'll still write. Because it's what I do. I will always be writing, I'll always be trying to improve, to get better.

I know that all of it might never go anywhere. I know that my original fiction might never be published. Hell, I can't even write decent fanfiction most of the time. It should feel like a waste of time, but it doesn't, and it never will.

Sometimes, I would like to have other people tell me I'm good at it. Everyone needs that once in a while. But my life doesn't depend on it, you know? It's not why I'm doing it. I write because I want to and because I need to.

I've just had a lot of “What's The Point Of All This?” moments lately and, well, the point is, I can't not write.

So, to quote the amazing Amy Poehler: “I don't fucking care if you like it.”

That's all.


Oct. 26th, 2011 08:36 pm
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Writer's block? YOU ARE DEFEATED. *insert evil laugh here*

~6,500 words IN ONE DAY. And not even all of it sucks.

I should write prompt!fic more often. Apparently, it's way better to get back into writing than staring at a blank page for an hour and then getting up to clean the refrigerator.

Oh, btw, if anyone would be willing to look over a >6k angsty K/B one shot for me, I'd be ever so grateful. :)

Okay, I seriously have to look at something that's not a computer screen right now...
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don't wanna go to work tomorrow, dammit. I wanna stay home and write. Or sleep. Or something. Why can't I get paid for that? I love writing and I'm practically an expert at sleeping.

Well, at least I got some writing done today. Not as much as I'd have liked, though, but hey, it's Sunday. That's pretty much an excuse for everything, isn't it?

make a wish

Nov. 7th, 2007 06:36 pm
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In an attempt to fight off one of the worst cases of writer's block the world has ever seen, I am hereby asking you, my dear flisters, to throw a few prompts at me. I will write you the Ficlet Of Your Wish in the form of anything from 100 words upwards.

Fandoms you may wish for are:
Blood Ties
Supernatural (strictly GEN, please)

Pick a fandom and a prompt and I shall get to work. :)


Nov. 6th, 2007 06:04 pm
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I'm still fighting with my NaNo thingy. It won't cooperate. I have something, but it's really not good. I also need to continue writing that SVU fic (Hide and Seek) that I started, cos I hate leaving things unfinished. But I'm stuck on that too. Grrr.

Also, I'm not going to Manchester. I really wanted to, but there's no way on earth I can afford it right now. You flisters who are going, have some extra fun for me, okay? *hugs to you all* I wanted to see you all again, but maybe some other time. Next time we're all going somewhere, I'll be going too. For real.

Term Paper Of Doom has decided to be a little more cooperative lately, but I'm still four pages short of finishing it and I've run out of research material. I think I've read the entire psycholinguistics shelf in the library and if I have to read one more essay on code-switching or the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation I'm gonna scream, so instead I'm going to catch a movie with M, since she's also stuck in Term Paper Hell. Yay.

That is all.


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