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writing. Is going okay-ish again? I've managed to finish a lot of things lately. None of my WIPs, but. It's a start. And I have big plans to tackle the bounty hunter Klaine I've been working on since 2011 next. Maybe I should find a brainstorm buddy to work out some things. There are atill a number of plot holes.

reading. I did the goodreads challenge thing with the goal of reading 50 books this year and, uh, yeah. No. If fic would count, though, I'd have reached the goal in January probably. ^^

computer problems. Windows 10 is seriously pissing me off. I work with two monitors and it keeps changing my screen resolution and reorganising my desktop icons and the only fix is using 3rd party software. Like. ??? I think I'm gonna switch back to Linux. I had Ubuntu on the old laptop and it was miles better than Windows anyway, so maybe over the holidays I'll have some time for that.

TV. I've finally started watching Eyewitness and I'm already addicted. And now it might not get a second season? Ahh! But on that note, LOOK AT THIS PROJECT TO SAVE THE SHOW!!! You don't even need to watch the episode, just get it and stream it while you go grocery shopping or whatever.

Hope you're all doing well! <3
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Day 3 of NaNo and I've just decided I'm going to do it after all. I've had this steampunk idea stuck in my head for quite a while now and since I'm almost done with edits on my current project, it does seem like the perfect time? (No I don't need to finish editing the other thing first, shut up.) I have the plot. It really should write itself? Ahhh, okay. Outlining first.

EDIT: Also, as a reward for almost finishing my new novel draft, I just ordered this T-shirt. :D
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I'm kind of *drowning* in story ideas. I have five WIPs I'm determined to finish right now, one other thing I think I'm going to start anyway next week, and so many things I have no idea what to do with. I'm going to submit some to the prompt blog, I guess, but I also kind of want to keep some of them to myself? Idk idk. This is not a problem per se. This is a good thing. But I really really should finish at least one of them before I start something new wahhh I just don't know anymore? How many WIPs is still reasonable?? Is ten too much???
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writing. My side characters are trying to take over the story. I can't pin down my two main characters at all - I'm not quite sure why. But this is annoying. Especially since I'm almost 20k into the story. Another 30-40k and I should have finished the first draft. And I still don't really know who they are. I have four side characters who I can see quite clearly in my mind. But the two main characters - nope.

writing II. I'm considering signing up for the Check, Please! Big Bang. Somebody talk me out of this. But it's only 10k and I love big bangs and IT'S ONLY 10K and oh who am I kidding of course I'm signing up. Maybe.

reading. How soon after finishing a book series is too soon to reread? I mean, I am a rereader. I reread things. But I still have a massive TBR pile to get through and ugh idk HOW SOON IS TOO SOON.

and also. Do you ever remember really old arguments and still get inexplicably angry because YOU WERE RIGHT DAMMIT.
. . . I need a cup of coffee.

Also I can't believe it's only Thursday. How much longer until the weekend???
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Just a quick post to say: if you want you can vote for my book cover!

This is all kinds of exciting and the options are all SO PRETTY and I don't even know which one I want. Also, it's so WEIRD seeing my name on a book cover even if it's just a picture so far.

Holy fuck I'm an author. o_O

Hope you're all well! <3
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I'm really pleased with the way the characters in the thing I'm writing are coming along. Really. I love them, I love their stories, I can already see them interacting in my head. The only thing I can't really figure out yet is HOW to tell the story.

I mean, obviously I have a plot, or I wouldn't be bothering. I have an idea, one I'm still quite fond of, but this is where it gets tricky every time. There is point A, where they are now. And there is point B, where I want them to be in the end. And in between those two points there is ... stuff. It's not like it's all blurry, the outline isn't blank. But getting this sort of blob of a "middle" into the right order is always the most fun AND the most time-consuming part of every new project.

I mean, the middle is what separates that vague thing you play around with right before falling asleep from an actual story that you can tell to other people. Ideas are easy enough, but getting them into shape - ughhhh. *headdesk* (I love it. I just want to start writing already.)

So of course I spent my writing time today doing what any serious writer would do and first cleaned the house and then read other people's writing blogs. Where, by the way, I stumbled across this amazing piece of wisdom about what a story *should* look like that really made me laugh. Read more... ) Chuck Wendig has good advice sometimes. :) I love finding things like this because a) it's amusing and b) sometimes it actually helps untangling some of the mess that is the beginning of a new story.

But, because writing so often makes me think about reading, here's a question (that has almost nothing to do with the above): what's your preferred story to just dive into when you want distraction? Do you prefer your stories to guide you gently through the middles or do you like the occasional punch in the gut from unexpected plot twists? Or a mix of both? When I'm reading a book for fun I generally prefer the slow and quiet, tbh. Conflict is good, yes, there is no story if there is no conflict. But what does a comfort story look like for you? Angst or fluff? Fast-paced or slow and gentle? Action-driven or character-driven? Crying or laughing? Or does it all depend on mood?


Feb. 10th, 2016 05:30 pm
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I think the weather is drunk. We've had a storm for about two and half days and now it's raining, and basically I've been stuck inside for DAYS at this point and I'm going crazy. Over the past weeks, ever since winter decided that it didn't want to make an appearance this year, I've gotten used to walking around when I was brainstorming or taking breaks or basically just whenever I could. I've walked and I've walked and I've walked. I've walked until I had blisters (and I forgot how uncomfortable those are, ugh). And now today is the third day I'm stuck inside and I'm going CRAZY. I've been venturing outside as much as I can, but it's just cold and windy and rainy and I don't have any shoes or umbrellas strong enough for this weather.

Being stuck inside isn't good for my writing, I just go weird and all the good ideas go for a walk without me. But now I'm curious - how do other people write? Do you have your ideas in the car? Or before you fall asleep? Or do you brainstorm over dinner? When I was living in the city I had my best ideas on the subway. Anyone else have any go-to source for inspiration?


Feb. 9th, 2016 01:47 pm
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Others are doing it so I am doing it too - because I love LJ and because I'm doing everything I possibly can to avoid going back to one of the million things I should be doing right now (worked 12 hours yesterday, feeling a little wrung out today) - where was I going with this sentence? Oh yes! LJ! I'm saying it here so that I'll have to do it. I plan to use this place more again. I miss having actual conversations with people. Tumblr just sucks at that.

I was going to say something witty, but I'm coming up blank. Really looking forward to the end of March right now when I'm actually going on holiday, yay! I'm trying to compile a holiday reading list right now. (Well, not *right now* obviously.) In case anyone has read anything good lately, GIVE ME YOUR RECS!!

In other news, I'm writing. I've started a new thing, and then I started another new thing, and then I started another new thing, and ... basically I have some beginnings of some new things and trying to work out which one of them is worth spending more time on. (Some of them are fanfic, some are original stuff. Ideally I'd like to pick one of each to work on over the next few weeks/months/however long it takes to get it done.) You guys working on anything? Reading anything good (fic or books I NEEDS RECS DID I MENTION THAT?)?

And now I should do some stuff. But I'll be around. Have a good Tuesday, talk to you later, peace out. <3
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Doctor Who. Finally watched "Kill The Moon" and under a cut because spoilery in case you need even longer than I to watch the episodes )

Merlin. Since I apparently like to torture myself I have started re-watching Merlin. I just like that show too much and I know it's going to make me 1) very angry and 2) cry. But I LIKE THAT SHOW TOO MUCH. But this also means I should finish reading The Once And Future King, because that's an awful lot of Arthurian legend in my life otherwise.

Writing. Almost done with Angsty Thing! Just a few more scenes and then editing shall begin! Still thinking about NaNo ... I still have lots of almost-ideas, and haven't really had the time to just sit down and brainstorm any of them so far.

Hope you're all well! <3
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I know it's not yet November, but I'm thinking about NaNo - definitely want to do it, but I'm lacking an ~idea this year. There are a lot of things that are sort of half there but not quite. I'm going to sit down and brainstorm a few of them, maybe one of them will turn into a proper story.

There is a fanfiction thing that would work, but I've always done original stuff for NaNo, and I kind of want to keep it that way. Maybe I'll do the insane thing and try both, that might be fun! If I have enough cookies! And coffee! Although, if I do decide to try that, anyone stupid enough to have ever given me their email address should be very, very afraid because there will be a lot of crying and whining and snippets of horribly unedited not-quite-a-novel via email throughout the month of November! We'll see.

Any of you doing NaNo?


Sep. 20th, 2014 02:23 pm
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set word count goal for the weekend: 10k
current word count: 10151


Which means I can get started on next week's 10k already and I might just be done with this thing maybe two weekends from now? If I can actually stick to 30k, which does seem a bit optimistic since I'm 10k in and haven't even gotten to the part that was going to be Part I ... Um. So maybe more than 30k, then.

But still, weekend goal reached before Saturday afternoon! *puts on party hat* *throws confetti*

...I need coffee.
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The best way to pull yourself out of a serious writing-induced funk? Write something else.

But what? I have a total amount of ZERO ideas.

And I really need to get myself back into writing mode because I HAVE A STORY TO WRITE that I'm really rather fond of and I've been staring at blank pages for the better part of two days now. Not acceptable. *sigh*
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Lazy kind of weekend, which means I have time to write. Yay. Funny thing: during the week when I really don't have time I write twice as much in one evening as I manage to write during two days of weekend with nothing to do but write. I wonder why that is.

Also, there's the thing about titles. I CANNOT, for the life of me, come up with clever titles, like EVER. How do others do it? I mean, other stories have titles. I've seen it. Mine really wants one too. How do people come up with them? Can't I just, like, use numbers? Or something? Or is there, like, a super-secret Story Titles Society that I can join and they will teach me their secret handshake and make me one of the cool people who are not doomed to a hard drive full of title-less stories?

I think I'm gonna go read the dictionary now. Maybe staring at random words will give me the inspiration I need. Or, you know, I'll just pick a random word and it WILL be the title. This story will have a title! Before the year is over! Yes!


Aug. 20th, 2011 12:06 pm
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Best thing about this week? That it's finally OVER. Seriously. /negativity

I'm finally gonna get some writing done this weekend. (Well, at least that's the plan.)

Also, I have no food in the house. I should probably buy some. On the other hand, eating's totally overrated, right? Right?


Aug. 6th, 2011 12:20 pm
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Apparently, I kind of lost the ability to write anything even remotely coherent (and that includes LJ entries). I have this one thing I've been working on for quite a while now and I'm so stuck it's not even funny. I've tried ignoring it for a few days in the hope that it would just WORK when I tried again later, but it still just won't cooperate. I hate it when that happens. And I'm really rather fond of that particular story, which means I can't just forget about it either. So I'll probably be spending a good part of my weekend staring blankly at the wall while waiting for the story to continue on its own. Which it won't. I guess. Whatever. I'm not giving up on it, dammit.

On another note, WEEKEND! Gonna have to catch up on flist stuff now.
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Stupid story just won't cooperate. ARGH. NOTHING MAKES SENSE. I'm so absolutely stuck, it's not even funny. Need. A. Break. I should try to write something else, just to clear my head and get over this stupid writer's block.

Someone make me write. You guys know my fandoms. Someone give me a word, a sentence, a song, some kind of prompt. It doesn't have to be fandom-related either. I'll take anything. I NEED TO WRITE SOMETHING.

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From the list of Things That Are Annoying: when you have a brilliant story idea, everything planned out perfectly in your head, and then you sit down at your desk, open a Word document (or, in my case, OpenOffice Writer because I'm weird like that) on your laptop, and your mind just goes blank. Then you end up staring at the wall for thirty minutes until you realize you really can't remember anything and decide to clean the apartment instead.

Anyways. My favorite word of the day: arachibutyrophobia. Yes, that's a word. For the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

Also, is there a funnier sound in the world than the sound of a person walking in flip-flops?
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Nothing is happening today. Like, NOTHING. At all. I'm so incredibly bored, it's not funny.

Random fact: I really hate looking for roommates. No matter how many nice people you meet, the ones you get stuck with are always the ones you are afraid will axe-murder you in your sleep.

Another random fact: it's always a good idea to check whether your cell phone battery died before you bitch at someone for not calling back.

Did I mention that I have nothing to do? I'm actually so bored, I wrote fanfiction. Ahh. Which I have no intention of posting, don't worry. :P (It's Glee, specifically Klaine, and it's the result of what my brain does when I am bored and in the mood for mindless fluff.)

I really need to find something to do now.
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Money: I am finally getting paid for my summer job. A month after I quit. Almost four months after I started. Yay.

Roommate: comes back today. New roommate. She's already lived here all of last week, but I haven't. It's so weird having someone else live in my apartment. Last roomie was different cos I already knew her before.

Writing: is going extremely slow. I have decided to be optimistic about it and say I'm saving my energy for NaNo. Which I am really looking forward to even if I don't know what I'm gonna write yet.

Private Practice: is an awesome show. Never liked Grey's all that much, but Private Practice is love. Can't wait for the next episode.

Firefly: best show ever. Am re-watching and re-rewatching over and over and it's still awesome. I wanna say "shiny" all the time and I really want to learn to swear in Chinese. New roomie studies Chinese. I'll make her teach me.

Partying: is not a good idea if you're already sick. Yes. I should have thought of that before I went to old roomie's new place to party last night. At least I don't have to be anywhere today. Gonna spend the day watching more Firefly.
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- I have been WHAT? Many thanks to whoever nominated two of my fics for the Stargate Fan Awards! I have never (read: not ever, during the entire course of my existence) before been nominated for anything and this makes me all kinds of happy. Happy is good. I like being happy.

- Reading: I have finally started reading 'Wicked' (I know everyone else has read it centuries ago already! Shut up!) and I love it. It's great. (At least from what I can tell so far, being now on page... *checks quickly* ...158.)

- Work: The elevator got stuck again. Fortunately, I don't ever use the damn thing. I tend to avoid elevators. (Guess you all really wanted to know that? I never said there was a point to this entry, you know...)

- London: Just a little over two weeks now! I should start packing! I have already borrowed my sister's camera since mine is old and doesn't always cooperate when I need it to and I want some good pictures of that weekend. Now I just have to figure out how the damn thing works. Argh.

- Writing: I have actually started writing fic again. For fandoms that are in no way related to SGA. And I have started writing original fiction again. Which I haven't done in...a long time. Maybe this time I will actually get something finished. At the very least one of the fanfics I'm working on. I have all those various First Few Paragraphs on my hard drive. Maybe one of those decides to turn into a story.


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