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So, the one day this week I decide I can show up to work in full-on hippie mode because nothing ever happens during a late shift on Friday is the one day they actually need my help with customers.

No, it was fine. Just me with braided hair wearing a tie-dyed shirt, the most comfortable shoes I own with like giant holes in them, and the shortest, most colourful skirt currently in my possession in a room full of super serious people in suits waving iPads and talking about furniture.

Well. At least they'll probably remember me.
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Coworker: So. We've had a few weeks with almost 10% double entries. You have to be more careful about that.

Me: Oh crap. When was that?

Coworker: December 2011.

Me: Oh. Well, I've only been working here since February.

Coworker: So?

Me: So I wasn't here in December.

Coworker: ...So?

Me: So, it clearly wasn't me.

Coworker: How do you know?

Me: Because. I. Wasn't. Working. Here. In December.

Coworker: Do you remember who it was?

Me: "..."

Coworker: What?

Me: Yeah, I'm kind of pretending I can't hear anything you say right now.


I think I need a beer now and then maybe something to read.


Sep. 22nd, 2011 07:32 pm
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someone tell me why I thought that ten-hour shifts were a good idea?

didn't even get a proper lunch break today.

I'm just gonna find myself someplace quiet and pass out now, okay?
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WHAT IS IT WITH THIS STUPID DAY? Or: Things That Are Annoying But I Don't Have The Energy To Really Do Anyhting About Today.


Dear Mr. Co-worker Who Apparently Has Some Kind Of Serious Problem,

I do have a face, so kindly stop talking to my breasts all the time. Or, you know, just don't talk to me. At all. Actually, yeah, I think I'd prefer that.

No love,



Dear Ms Person Whose Turn It Is To Clean The Kitchen,

I think some of the plates I saw there are gonna grow legs and walk to the sink by themselves if you don't do anything about it soon. Also, I saw something in the fridge that just probably needs like maybe a day or two more before it will acquire the powers of speech. Kindly take care of that, please.

Not much love right now,

Someone who HAS done her share of the cleaning already.




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