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Internet has been fail-y all day and just keeps going away. For now it always comes back if I just reconnect the router a few times, but just in case I suddenly disappear for a few days... I'll just be over here reliving the bloody dark pre-internet ages.

Dammit, I need my internet.
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It just occurred to me that I've had my phone for more than ten years now. And it still works, which is kind of amazing. Still, I want a new one already, but I seriously just can't bring myself to buy one when there's really nothing wrong with the old one. I mean, it can't do ANYTHING, besides, you know, call people and text people and take crappy pictures (it's a camera phone, yes, but mostly the pictures come out as a blur of pretty colors rather than actual pictures of anything).

I think I really kind of want one of those awesome not so new anymore, I know that, shut up! phones that have internet and stuff. The problem is that there's really nothing wrong with my phone, except for the fact that it probably belongs in a museum by now. It works. And it's not like I haven't tried. I've dropped it from great heights over the past few years, I've accidentally stepped on it a few times... the only thing I haven't done is run it over with a car, but I'm sure it would survive even that. The damn thing's a frickin' miracle. Even the battery's still fine, it still lasts three to five days, which I think is perfectly okay. And even if it does give out, I have a spare one that ACTUALLY CAME WITH THE PHONE and hasn't been used yet. This is a problem.

I'm bored now and I should probably go to sleep. Me and my crappy old phone have to spend five hours on a bus without air conditioning tomorrow. Oh well. *wanders off to read something*


Feb. 20th, 2008 05:50 pm
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Bloody dark ages - can't get any work done cos stoopid technology refuses to cooperate. The laptop works fine, the scanner works fine, but together they choose not to work at all. *headdesk* Days like these are why I love coffee.


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