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This is a post about TV, and it has the single purpose of distracting me from the stupid presentation I'm supposed to prepare right now. Because TV is much more fun.

Tee-vee or why fandom is good for you. Because it is, you know. Except when it isn't, but that's an entirely different story. )
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Okay, I totally didn't expect that:


Many thanks to whoever nominated me. Made me feel all warm and tingly inside. However much my awkward writing exercises don't deserve it, (which is probably why I usually don't get nominated,) I appreciate this. For real.

Also, there are people who ship River/Jayne? WHY? This is an honest question. I'm not judging, I just never thought of that. (And I'm not sure I get it.) For explanations, hit the reply button at the end of this post.

Non-fandom: Where go summer? It's been raining forever. Not good for earning money, if your ridiculously underpaid job is cutting hedges and being a human lawn-mower. Oh well.

EDIT: random rl happy dancing )
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Title: Great Minds
Author: Alianne
Rating: G
Summary: "It's broken."
Disclaimer: Both Firefly and Stargate Atlantis are owned by people other than me.
A/N: in response to a meme I did ages ago. [ profile] sazzat asked for River and Rodney, prompt: "Your theories are problematic."

Your theories are problematic )
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The last few days, photoshop has been entertaining me whenever I needed a break from uni work. This is the result.

[24 Stargate Atlantis - general season 3]
[23 Supernatural - up to 2x12]
[24 Heroes - up to 1x22]

my fandoms are full of pretty people )
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Uploaded the SGA 1x14 "Sanctuary" audio commentary for [ profile] rory_elizabeth and in case anyone else wants it:

I hope those links work. I assume most people know the audio commentaries, but in case you don't, listen to this one, seriously. It's Torri and Rachel commenting on Sanctuary and it's really awesome. :)
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First Strike )

I'm not gonna write post-ep fic. I'm not gonna write post-ep fic. Gah. Someone else do it so I don't have to? *puppy face*

the vid

Sep. 4th, 2006 09:28 am
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wmm allowed me this morning to save a larger version of the vid I made yesterday, so here it is (looks much better now):

26.7 MB Version (Holding Out For A Hero - Atlantis Team Vid)

for details see post below in my journal.

And now I really have to go back to studying. *sigh*
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Woohoo! It. Is. DONE!! YES!! After an endless battle with wmm today I finally proved to be more stubborn and so managed to create a new SGA Team Video. *grins*

Here it is.

Title: Holding Out For A Hero
Artist: Bonnie Tyler
Vidder: Alianne
Category: Team. (I didn't manage to keep my ship preferences entirely out of it, so you might find hints of Sparky and Spanky in there...
Format: .wmv
Size: 9.26 MB
Note: I know the song is oooold and maybe it may seem a little over-used already, but I couldn't resist.

Link: Download from MegaUpload

(will add it to my webspace later, but it doesn't cooperate atm. *facewalls*)
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My sister wanted to learn how to make those music-vid-thingies with wmm and because I'm a nice person (what? I can be!) I showed her. Decided to share the result, so here it is. It's SGA, of course, the whole team, but everything's entirely from season one (because my sister hasn't seen more yet).
There's hints of Ford/Teyla, and though my lovely sis is currently squeeing over Sheyla (simply to annoy me, I assure you), I managed to squeeze in some Sparky whenever she wasn't looking *grins*.

Song: Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting: All For Love
Spoilers: none because everyone knows the first season, I suppose
Category: Team
File: 11.3 MB .zip

download me, download me!!


Jul. 29th, 2006 10:43 pm
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So, I have watched SG1 and Atlantis...

SG1 Pegasus Project )

SGA Irresistible )
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I bring you icons. I realized that I hadn't made any icons lately, so... I made some now.

Stargate SG1:
-- 9 Jack
-- 9 Sam
-- 3 Sam/Jack
-- 1 other

Stargate Atlantis:
-- 8 John
-- 8 Elizabeth
-- 8 Sparky
-- 2 Carson
-- 1 other


click )


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