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Because [ profile] jcd1013 wanted to see it:

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That's at London Film and Comic Con 2007. Like I said, Milo Ventimiglia really is tiny. And they were there for Heroes, I think, which is why Adrian Pasdar is in the picture. Who is also not a giant, like, he totally looks taller on TV? I mean, I'm 1.72m which is like . . . 5'8"-ish according to Google? Just to give you an idea. BUT ANYWAY from a less height-obsessed perspective, yes, I have photographic evidence that I did indeed meet Jess from Gilmore Girls. \o/ (Also, I totally forgot that I used to wear contacts nine years ago. Huh.)

Ugh I want to go to another convention. That one was so much fun, I can't believe that was almost a decade ago? We also saw Nana Visitor and hung out with the Wraith Queen from Stargate Atlantis! Ahh, yes. Good times! :)
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Saturday and Sunday: LFCC days. It was pretty great, actually. I had never been to a convention before, so I basically kept stumbling through Earl's Court, careful not to lose the others and just being generally impressed by how many people there were. Still, the actual con-part of the whole thing actually started off with a bit of a shock: Friday night we found out that Torri had canceled and wouldn't be there. I was already half asleep in my bunk bed back in the Hostel Of Creaky Floor Boards when [ profile] calleigh_j texted me and told me about it. Stayed up until 2 am or so with [ profile] ankareeda after that, talking about how LFCC seems to be cursed. But when we got there the next day it was actually really fun all the same.

And we met Andee Frizell, the Wraith Queen(s), who liked that we were a multinational group who had met over the internet and took a picture of us. Which was cool.

I had another small fangirl moment when I ran into K9 )

I guess the most fun part of the weekend was really to be hanging out with flisters. Of all the cool people that were at the con, they were the most amazing and even if no one else had been there, it would still have been fun. group photo )

We went to the talk with Nana Visitor and Louise Fletcher (Star Trek). It was good, except we had someone with a ginormous head in front of us and couldn't really see anything. We couldn't really hear anything either. BUT we have been in the same room with Major Kira and Kai Winn. Yay.

We all invaded Speckles and Tinie's hotel room at night and talked. Actually, we pretty much did that all the time. :)


Waiting for Andee's talk:
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We then went to Andee Frizzell's talk. She's awesome. :) And she talks a lot, and she moves a lot, which was the reason I have mostly blurry pictures of her. She kept walking out of them. :P Anyways, here are a few:

Andee Frizzell aka All The Wraith Queens )

Ianto from Torchwood was there! He sat next to Andee at the autograph tables on Sunday and I didn't get a good picture of him, but you can see him in this one:
Ianto )

I had another almost fangirl moment when some guys from Heroes walked right past us. I didn't even notice at first. There were just some people who sort of looked familiar and I kept thinking I must have seen them somewhere, until I realized that one of them was freakin' Milo Ventmiglia. I had a picture taken later with him and Adrian Pasdar (THE PETRELLI BROTHERS!), but I don't have it yet since their photo op was too late on Sunday and they didn't get the pictures printed fast enough. I left my address and hope it will arrive soon. Also, we learned all about queuing that day. There were lots and lots of queues. Probably because of the Heroes people and Patrick Stewart, whom I didn't see since I was running out of money.

That was the weekend. I'm sure I forgot lots of stuff. So. Bottom line: London is love. LFCC was fun. Andee Frizzell is made of awesome. Flisters are amazing. Trip to London = Best Thing EVER.
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Thursday was actually rather short. But after all, it was only day 1 )


We were supposed to meet up with the others at four PM in front of Earl’s Court, so Andy and I went off exploring London on our own first.

I really love London. It's pretty. )

We had to figure out how the underground actually works, but we did get Day Tickets in the end and went off to finally meet the rest of the Group of Awesome. When we got to Earl’s Court they were just closing off the street in front, so we contacted [ profile] calleigh_j, who had [ profile] graveyard_cat and [ profile] sazzat with her and we met them…somewhere. I forget. I just remember that it was kind of exciting, and definitely fun, because we actually found the Tardis!

photographic evidence )

We ran into Tinie ([ profile] cnnjunky) and Speckles ([ profile] speckleberry) in front of Earl’s Court Station right after that and from then on it was a general ‘meet people you know but have never met’. Which was awesome. We were even organized enough to actually get food.

more pictures )

That was basically the first day. More to follow soon, I'm still sorting through pictures. I took ~173, so the actual sorting may take a while. :P
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London was great!

Did we get to see Torri? No. Did we have a fantastic time all the same? Hell, yes!

Pic spam and detailed report soon. For now: Andee Frizzell (Wraith Queen) is a very awesome person. And meeting flisters is the best thing ever.

To our little Group Of Awesome: The last few days in London with you guys are definitely in the Top Five of the Best Days Of My Life. I love you all and I miss you so much it's not funny.

I'm gonna go look at my pics now and write everything down before I forget (although the chances of that happening any time soon are pretty much nonexistent.) And then I'm probably just gonna pass out somewhere after being up all night at Stansted airport. :)
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But it's still more than 24 hours before I leave. Before I get on a bus to the airport, to get on a plane to England and check in to an 8 bed dorm in a cheap hostel.

And all that for a group hug. :P

*drums fingers on desk*

*twirls on chair*

I'm just gonna be sitting here waiting for tomorrow.


Jun. 30th, 2007 12:13 am
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I HAVE BOOKED A FLIGHT TO LONDON! I'm going to the LFCC. *happy* This is gonna be FUN. :D I am going to see Torri and meet lots of awesome f-listers! :D

What else happened today. Um. I think I finally figured out a way to get rid of annoying phone company people who call to sell me new flat rates.

Phone Company Guy: I'm calling about the offer for that new phone flat. Am I speaking to [-insert my name here-]?
Me: Ooh, no. Sorry. She's not here.
Phone Company Guy: When will she be back?
Me: I dunno. Next year?
Phone Company Guy: Um, excuse me?
Me: She's moved to Australia a few weeks ago.

Roomie: Why do you even pick up the phone when you see it's them?
Me: Because it's FUN.

And already I have run out of random things to say. Or is anyone interested in a quick summary of the psycholinguistics paper I'm working on? No? Thought so. *grins*

I'm off to watch something.


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