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Okay people, random observation of the day: hedgehogs are really cute. There is one living behind the pile of firewood in my parents' garden and his name is Jacob. Well, actually, he's probably Jacob The Third, because they don't get that old and we saw the first one more than twelve years ago. But now Jacob The Probably Third showed up with a little tiny Jacob The Most Likely Fourth. So cute.

All right. That said, lately I took some time out of my extremely busy schedule (that usually consists of getting up, drinking coffee, sitting around thinking about writing the Evil Term Paper Of Doom, deciding to drink more coffee instead, watching some SVU episode, talking to siblings, reading a book (and all the while still thinking about writing Evil Term Paper Of Doom) and going back to bed). Anyways. What was I saying... Right. I actually took some time to watch some movies all the way through. I usually don't do that. Movies are background noise for cleaning my room or writing history papers.

So. I caved and watched High School Musical 2, which is really bad. Now Sister 4 of 5 is talking me into watching Hairspray, which is supposed to be good. Right? Please, all those of you out there who've seen it, tell me it is watch-able.

Oh, oh, and I watched Airborne, which is also really bad (and I don't mean, like, bad, I mean 'OMG I want those 1 1/2 hours of my life back that I spent watching it' bad), but it taught me two things: 1) it wouldn't have been a particularly great loss for the world if Steve Guttenberg had stopped being an actor after Police Academy 4, and 2) Torri Higginson is freaking adorable even if the rest of the movie makes you want to bash your head against the wall a lot.

I watched a number of other things as well, but I don't remember them. I might have accidentally left the room a few times.

Nope, I do not have the least bit of self-discipline when it comes to watching things. Well, except when it comes to all the awesome shows that are back on this week. (SVU! BONES! HEROES! OTHERS THAT I DON'T REMEMBER RIGHT NOW!)

Um. Yeah. No more random for now. I've run all out of random. I need coffee.


Feb. 23rd, 2007 10:57 pm
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I was just forced to watch Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" and dude... the plot bunnies! This movie gives me Sparky plot bunnies! *g*

Because it's THEM! It's that kind of Sparky that lives in fanfiction. The guy who's got friends everywhere but is nowhere at home, a little disillusioned and a little cheeky and more girlfriends than anyone can count meets the beautiful girl who believes in rules and in the good of the world and is way out of his league. She gets into a rough situation, he helps her, starts feeling protective about her and while teaching her that rules can be bended and the world can be mean and ugly but that there's always other ways beyond the conventional, she teaches him that the world can also be good and there's things worth fighting for. And so they end up saving each other like in the cheesiest, fluffiest fanfic EVER and omg why am I posting this? *lol*

*wanders off to find something dark and dramatic to read* :P
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I fear I am developing into a tea addict. I totally blame my brother for that. And Captain Picard. *g*

Also, I have spent the last two days rediscovering my love for Star Trek and watching random TNG and Voyager episodes.

I have not yet finished my history assignment that's due tomorrow and I have not really studied for Latin. Yay for procrastination. *facepalm* There's still time, though.

Oh, and the siblings and I have been watching old movies. Like, really old. On that note, Julie Andrews is a goddess. Yes.

That is all. Back to studying.


Dec. 8th, 2006 08:19 pm
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German f-listers: "Die Braut die sich nicht traut" läuft auf RTL II. JETZT!

Einer meiner absoluten Lieblingsfilme!! :D :D


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