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Sometimes I wish Tumblr had a way to turn off Likes for specific posts. Or that there was a "Bookmark" button and a "Like" button.

I don't want Likes on my fic. I seriously just don't want them. What the fuck does a Like tell me? NOTHING, that's what. Did you Like it because you're saving it for later? Did you Like it because you thought it was good? But not quite good enough to reblog?

Idk man. Tumblr is moving so fucking fast, people who create things kind of rely on reblogs for their stuff to get it seen at all. If nobody reblogs, things just get lost in the flood of posts. And especially for writers and artists who spent hours/days/weeks/months working on their stuff, that can really suck.

And yeah, this has been brought on by my last fic getting barely any reblogs other than my own. Doesn't make it any less true.

I know I haven't always been very good about reblogging either. I also sometimes put stuff in my Likes to read later and then I don't have time to go back to it until much, much later. But maybe that's a thing to work on.

No idea why I'm even posting this to LJ. Completely wrong platform. I know. I just kind of need to think out loud here and get out some of my frustration at the same time.

Okay, time to go be frustrated somewhere else. I'm ready for this week to be over, honestly.
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Bitching about the suckiness of real life events is exhausting, so let me get angry about fandom stuff for a moment, okay? I'll be back to good-moody blogging in a little while, I promise, so bear with me, please.

You know how the k_b comm has this Weekly Rec Post?

Every week I go over the recs there, and every week I completely fail to see the fucking point of the entire thing. There's nothing wrong with reccing popular fic, nothing at all. However, what's the point in recommending stuff the entire fandom has already read anyway? The Klaine fandom has so many amazing writers and so many of them never get a single mention anywhere. There's some bad!fic too, okay, every fandom has that. But this fandom is really into hero-worship and it's annoying the fuck out of me. Mostly because it's so completely random, who gets to be one of the chosen few and who is left to lurk in their little corner of the internet without being noticed by more than a handful of people.

(I'd also like to point out that the really popular stuff isn't actually always good. And it just pisses me off so much, seeing people fawn over mediocrity while ignoring actual quality. But that's just a side note, a lot of the popular stories being recced do deserve the rec. My point is that many others deserve it too, but people are to busy kissing the fandom!famous people's asses to pay any attention to them.)

What I'd like to see on the Weekly Rec Post, or any Rec Post, really, are stories that haven't gotten a trillion notes plus fanart and 5,000 comments on LJ already, but the ones people enjoyed that I haven't heard about yet. Give those a chance to get some love as well. I've tried that sometimes, bookmarked great stories with few comments to rec them on Friday. It just doesn't seem like people are actually interested in that. (I didn't read much this week, so I didn't have any for this week's post. But expect a rec list from me there next week.)

Okay, I admit it, part of this rant is brought on by my own bitterness over the fact that the finished version of What Are The Odds never made it on any rec post, because that story is my baby and I'm proud of it and people did seem to enjoy it. I'm not saying my fic is especially good or anything - I'm well aware of its flaws. I'm just saying: it didn't suck that bad. And seeing it there would have made my day.

The thing is, do you know how many other writers must be feeling just like I do? And do you know how easy it would be to make them feel like they didn't completely waste several nights of their lives?

You know, if I enjoy reading fantasy novels and ask a friend who enjoys the same thing to recommend me a book, chances are I have already read "The Lord of the Rings" and don't want to hear that "that's a good one, you should read it." I probably want to hear about things I haven't heard about before.

This was a post. You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.
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Give me a fandom and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I fell in love with:
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t:
4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
5. The character I would shag anytime:
6. The character I’d want to be like:
7. The character I’d slap:
8. Favorite character:
9. Who are your five favorite characters?
10. Who are your five least favorite characters?
11. Which character are you most like?
12. What is your deep, dark secret regarding this?
13. A pairing that I love:
14. A pairing that I despise:
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This is a post about TV, and it has the single purpose of distracting me from the stupid presentation I'm supposed to prepare right now. Because TV is much more fun.

Tee-vee or why fandom is good for you. Because it is, you know. Except when it isn't, but that's an entirely different story. )
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Okay, I totally didn't expect that:


Many thanks to whoever nominated me. Made me feel all warm and tingly inside. However much my awkward writing exercises don't deserve it, (which is probably why I usually don't get nominated,) I appreciate this. For real.

Also, there are people who ship River/Jayne? WHY? This is an honest question. I'm not judging, I just never thought of that. (And I'm not sure I get it.) For explanations, hit the reply button at the end of this post.

Non-fandom: Where go summer? It's been raining forever. Not good for earning money, if your ridiculously underpaid job is cutting hedges and being a human lawn-mower. Oh well.

EDIT: random rl happy dancing )
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Last seen on [ profile] calleigh_j's journal:

Which fandom is...

The one who seduced you and fucked you over and broke your heart in a million pieces and laughed about it: Earth 2

The old flame you don't see very often any more but whom you still really enjoy getting together with for a few drinks and maybe a pleasant nostalgic romp in the sheets: Stargate Atlantis

The mysterious dark gothy one whom you used to sit up with talking until 3 a.m. at weird coffeehouses and with whom you were quite smitten until you realized he really was fucking crazy: Enterprise, and also Babylon 5 Okay, maybe not all that dark and gothy, but the rest applies

The one you spent a whole weekend in bed with and who drank up all your liquor, and whom you'd still really like to fuck again although you're relieved he doesn't actually live in town: Alias

The steady: Star Trek: Voyager, SVU, Standoff, X-Files, Supernatural So, more like the steadies

The alluring strangers whom you've flirted with at parties but have never gotten really serious with: Gilmore Girls

The one you hang out with and have vague fantasies about maybe having a thing with but ultimately you're just good buddies 'cause the friendship is there but the chemistry ain't: Heroes

The one your friends keep introducing you to and who seems like a hell of a cool guy except it's never really gone anywhere: Prison Break

The one who's slept with all your friends, and you keep looking at him and thinking, "Him? How the hell did he land all these cool babes?": Battlestar Galactica

The one your friend has fallen for like a ton of bricks and whom she keeps babbling to you about on the phone for hours, and you'd be happy for her except you just know it's going to end badly: Lost
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- I have been WHAT? Many thanks to whoever nominated two of my fics for the Stargate Fan Awards! I have never (read: not ever, during the entire course of my existence) before been nominated for anything and this makes me all kinds of happy. Happy is good. I like being happy.

- Reading: I have finally started reading 'Wicked' (I know everyone else has read it centuries ago already! Shut up!) and I love it. It's great. (At least from what I can tell so far, being now on page... *checks quickly* ...158.)

- Work: The elevator got stuck again. Fortunately, I don't ever use the damn thing. I tend to avoid elevators. (Guess you all really wanted to know that? I never said there was a point to this entry, you know...)

- London: Just a little over two weeks now! I should start packing! I have already borrowed my sister's camera since mine is old and doesn't always cooperate when I need it to and I want some good pictures of that weekend. Now I just have to figure out how the damn thing works. Argh.

- Writing: I have actually started writing fic again. For fandoms that are in no way related to SGA. And I have started writing original fiction again. Which I haven't done in...a long time. Maybe this time I will actually get something finished. At the very least one of the fanfics I'm working on. I have all those various First Few Paragraphs on my hard drive. Maybe one of those decides to turn into a story.
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My university is being taken over by the Goa'uld.

One of our literature profs looks like Ba'al.

The universal languages prof looks like Sarah/Osiris.



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