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writing. Is going okay-ish again? I've managed to finish a lot of things lately. None of my WIPs, but. It's a start. And I have big plans to tackle the bounty hunter Klaine I've been working on since 2011 next. Maybe I should find a brainstorm buddy to work out some things. There are atill a number of plot holes.

reading. I did the goodreads challenge thing with the goal of reading 50 books this year and, uh, yeah. No. If fic would count, though, I'd have reached the goal in January probably. ^^

computer problems. Windows 10 is seriously pissing me off. I work with two monitors and it keeps changing my screen resolution and reorganising my desktop icons and the only fix is using 3rd party software. Like. ??? I think I'm gonna switch back to Linux. I had Ubuntu on the old laptop and it was miles better than Windows anyway, so maybe over the holidays I'll have some time for that.

TV. I've finally started watching Eyewitness and I'm already addicted. And now it might not get a second season? Ahh! But on that note, LOOK AT THIS PROJECT TO SAVE THE SHOW!!! You don't even need to watch the episode, just get it and stream it while you go grocery shopping or whatever.

Hope you're all doing well! <3
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- I have been WHAT? Many thanks to whoever nominated two of my fics for the Stargate Fan Awards! I have never (read: not ever, during the entire course of my existence) before been nominated for anything and this makes me all kinds of happy. Happy is good. I like being happy.

- Reading: I have finally started reading 'Wicked' (I know everyone else has read it centuries ago already! Shut up!) and I love it. It's great. (At least from what I can tell so far, being now on page... *checks quickly* ...158.)

- Work: The elevator got stuck again. Fortunately, I don't ever use the damn thing. I tend to avoid elevators. (Guess you all really wanted to know that? I never said there was a point to this entry, you know...)

- London: Just a little over two weeks now! I should start packing! I have already borrowed my sister's camera since mine is old and doesn't always cooperate when I need it to and I want some good pictures of that weekend. Now I just have to figure out how the damn thing works. Argh.

- Writing: I have actually started writing fic again. For fandoms that are in no way related to SGA. And I have started writing original fiction again. Which I haven't done in...a long time. Maybe this time I will actually get something finished. At the very least one of the fanfics I'm working on. I have all those various First Few Paragraphs on my hard drive. Maybe one of those decides to turn into a story.
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Well first of all, Happy Birthday [profile] hipapheralkus!!! :)

So, this was really an interesting day... kind of. Two classes very early in the morning and then endless hours in the library, trying to study.

I've made some very interesting observations and gained some deeper insight into the structure of the universe. No really, it's amazing what I've learned today!!

- There's a guy in my Latin class who looks a bit like Aragorn. Just not quite as good. Maybe that's why I didn't notice before.
- Latin dictionaries are heavy.
- Kicking a copying machine doesn't make it copy faster, but it makes your foot hurt.
- I firmly believe that chairs in the library are only so uncomfortable because they don't have enough for all the students and want to make sure that after two hours people have to leave because their backs hurt and someone else can have their place.
- No matter how uncomfortable they make those chairs, it will never prevent people from falling asleep in them.
- Trying to read three books at once is confusing and for some reason makes plot bunnies pop up in your head.
- If you stare at someone's back for a really long time, he or she will eventually turn around and glare at you.
- Apparently, since I don't own a laptop, I will never be one of the really cool people.
- I can totally live with never being one of the really cool people.

And, yeah, that's it. Oh, and I'm reading Brave New World now. Creepy, but I like it, I think. And you know that in that book people worship Henry Ford, right? That's so cooool, because they say things like "Oh Ford!" and "his fordship!" and because I'm fangirlish like that and always think about my fandoms I now want to watch SGA season one again with Foooord still in it!!!!!! =D

And my only class tomorrow is cancelled, how awesome is that? *grins*


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