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Happy birthday [ profile] timeboundpythia! I hope you had a great day. *hugs*


Sep. 4th, 2008 01:50 pm
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Happy birthday, [ profile] muldy! The day is probably almost over in your part of the world, but I hope it was good and everything.
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Happy Birthday, Tinie!

*hugs and squishes* Have a wonderful day.
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Happy Birthday Taru! I hope you have a fantastic day!

Since I can't send cake via internet I wrote you a little Doctor Who drabble instead. Tenth Doctor, set after "The Christmas Invasion."

Rude And Not Ginger )
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Title: Journey Home
Rating: R
Category: Sheppard/Weir
Spoilers: none
Beta: [ profile] lone_pyramid, who is really all kinds of awesome!
Summary: "I wish you could have crashed the jumper a little nearer to the gate."
A/N: For [ profile] emily_sheppard! Happy Birthday, Kes! You're a great friend and awesome in so many ways and I hope you have a wonderful day today! *huggles*

Journey Home )
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Happy Birthday [personal profile] speckleberry!!

I hope you have a great day with lots of sunshine and fun and friends and everything. *hugs*
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Happy Birthday [ profile] quezacolt!!

Hope you have a great day, with lots of cake and all that! :)
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Slightly belated Happy Birthdays to [ profile] angelqueen04 and [ profile] coexist_love. I hope both of you had a great day. :) *hugs*
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Yay, internet works again. And has done so for two days already, actually, but I just had NO TIME OMG!!

So, first of all, happy very, very, VERY belated birthday wishes to [ profile] jr_moon and [ profile] peanutbutterer. (I know, I'm ridiculously late. *hides*)

There are so many bithdays lately.

Sibling Four of Five turned thirteen today. So Sibling Three of Five and I spent all of yesterday baking cake. Since there's a lot of family there had to be a lot of cake. And so today the house was -- and actually still is -- filled with all kinds of relatives and OMG my family is LOUD!! Like, seriously! It sounds like they're all shouting at each other all the time, which really isn't the case. It just seems to be an unwritten rule among us to always talk to the person standing or sitting the farthest away from you. *grins*

Heh. Semester break is almost over now. I'll have to find some time to write tomorrow. I want the damn detective fic finished before classes start again.

That is all for now.

*wanders off*
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Happy Birthday, Tanny! *hugs* I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Happy Birthday, [profile] billy_red_ocean!!

Hope you had a nice day! *hugs*
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] ankareeda

I wish you lots of cake and laughing and sunshine and happiness!!
*hugs you*
I hope to meet you again one day! :D :D
Have a great and wonderful day!!
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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, [personal profile] mercscilla!!!!

Ich hoffe du hast einen ganz tollen Tag und viel Kuchen und schönes Wetter und richtig viel Spaß!! *tackle hugs*


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