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Glee, Kurt/Blaine

Burning Down The House, PG-13, humor. With their parents gone for the weekend, Finn thinks it's a good idea to throw a party. Kurt isn't so sure about that.

Just A Spoonful Of Thai Food aka Perfect Is Overrated Anyway, PG-13, fluff. Creating a perfect moment isn't easy. However, that shouldn't stop a person from trying, right? (Proposal!fic!! Also known as The Five Times Blaine Tries To Propose And One Other Time.)

Seismic Waves, PG-13, angst. He's a nice guy. He doesn't yell at people. He needs to apologize, needs Kurt to tell him they're still okay, and oh god, where did this fight even come from? (aka first big couple fight.)

What Are The Odds, hard R, fluff, romance, angst. Kurt had given up hope long ago, just waiting for the day he would finally move to New York, the day he could finally leave behind everything that was Ohio. Of course, Rachel had to pick that very day to introduce him to an 'old friend' of hers. PDF and ePub, graciously provided by the amazing people of [ profile] klaineficspdfs, can be found on tumblr or on livejournal
Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven A | Chapter Eleven B | Chapter Twelve A | Chapter Twelve B | Chapter Twelve C | Chapter Thirteen A | Chapter Thirteen B | Chapter Fourteen | Epilogue

Only Just Beginning, PG-13, fluff. It's nice and comfortable and it's them, but it's a whole new way of being together and it's something to get used to, even if there's no doubt in his mind that he will. (3x05 episode tag)

A Glee Christmas Carol, PG, AU, angst, fluff. The one in which Sue is Ebenezer Scrooge and Kurt and Blaine plus a few ghosts remind her what it means to be human. A Christmas Carol/Glee crossover.

The More You Have, NC-17, PWP, feelings. Blaine loves those afternoons when his parents are out and he and Kurt can have the house to themselves. He loves it because not only do they get to take their time, they also don't have to worry about staying silent.

When We Can Say Goodnight And Stay Together, NC-17, fluff. “So, Finn asked Rachel to marry him.” (3x12 episode tag)

Klaine Star Trek AU: Burning Brightly In A Sea Of Stars, NC-17, PWP, fluff. Blaine doesn't want to be late for his shift. Kurt doesn't want to let him go just yet. Aka The One Where Kurt and Blaine Have Sex in Space.
All I Ask Is A Tall Ship, PG-13, angst, fluff. Back then, breaking up was the sensible option, because they were going to be on opposite sides of the galaxy. Four years and one transfer request later, they might just get a second chance. - On indefinite hiatus!

Three Weeks of Summer is now a verse! Find the first story here:Three Weeks of Summer, R, romance, AU. Kurt just wants to get some work done, Rachel just wants him to relax, and Blaine shows up and makes everything even more complicated than it is already.
Summer Sun, Something's Begun is the next one in the universe. Links to other parts can be found at the end of each chapter. R, fluff. They haven't seen each other since their departure from the lake, but they had promised each other a date...
One Summer Night is A "Three Weeks of Summer" deleted scene. NC-17, fluff. It's only the two of them in this cabin, no one else around except for maybe a few spiders under the floor boards, but they can go fuck themselves, he decides. He doesn't care about anything but Blaine tonight.
Living a Life Full of You. Set three years after "Three Weeks of Summer." R, fluff. Three years after that first summer, they are back...

Au Naturel. R, fluff, crack!fic. Written for the following prompt: None of this would have happened if Blaine wasn't so obsessed with obscure holidays.

The Road to Eternity (or: Saturday Night at the Hummel-Anderson Residence). PG, fluff, future!fic. It's just a typical Saturday night. This fic is my reaction to the angst and fatalism going around after 4x04. Read it and trust that The Boys will be fine!

Morning. PG, romance. Their love story begins in the morning, on the bus to work.
Now with a companion piece from Kurt's POV: Light

The Blacksmith's Son. PG, past!Klaine. Blaine is sixteen when he first meets the blacksmith's son.

Let It Snow. G, snowed-in-in-an-airport-at Christmas Klaine. Hey! Isn't that the guy from the Winter Showcase? The one you can't shut up about anymore?

Songbird. PG, co-written with [ profile] ca_te, The One With The Tattoo. Kurt likes to wear his love for Blaine on his skin. When he suggests something permanent, Blaine agrees.

The Boy Next Door. PG. Reversebangfic. Blaine thought nothing could be more exciting than finally living in New York. But that was before he met the boy who lives across the hall.

Lucky. PG. Fluff. Blaine needs a little help and Kurt is there. That's how it all starts.

You Have Me. NC-17. PWP. For hazelandglasz who prompted: Blaine fucking Kurt and completely losing himself into it and Kurt being surprised and loving it.

Taking Charge (Maybe). NC-17. PWP. littlepinklola prompted: Ohhhhh rimming and SEX with kurt or blaine being pinned to the bed with their hands being held above their heads.

Welcome Home (Surprise). NC-17. PWP. hazelandglasz prompted: Kurt "spying" on Blaine touching himself (i.e. coming back from a trip earlier than scheduled) and Blaine doing it lazily, really into it, moaning Kurt name etc.

Collide 'verse: Age difference, student/teacher relationship. First Impression. NC-17. It's his first week in New York and it's as much fun as he hoped it would be. Maybe even more. No One Needs To Know. NC-17. Kurt just wants things to be easier. Blaine just wants the two of them to be okay. Shelter From The Storm. PG. He can’t stand the thought of someone, anyone at all, being alone when they’re not feeling well. Balance. NC-17. Kurt spends his winter break in Ohio. So does Blaine.

First Make Out. PG. Fluff. littlepinklola prompted: First make out.

Shout It From The Rooftops. G. Fluff. Anonymous prompted: I’m thinking future!klaine, just after blaine proposes and kurt (obviously) says yes, blaine immediately tells EVERYBODY that “he said yes", even random strangers in the street, because let’s face it, he totally would!

Mind If I Move In Closer. NC-17. PWP. Anonymous pompted: First frottage combined with first time hearing Blaine swear?

Closer Together. NC-17. PWP. Light D/s. He has everything he wants, everything he needs and fuck, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Harbor. NC-17. PWP. Fluff. Anonymous prompted: don’t care how you get there (tho fluff is preferred to angst) but: Kurt riding Blaine while touching himself.

Something New. NC-17. PWP. spinmybowtie prompted: Hmmmm…. how about some spanking? Can be either domestic discipline or just a little spice up to an otherwise routine romp. Please and thank you <3

You And Me. NC-17. PWP. Domestic Fluffiness. Anonymous prompted: I know this isn’t technically a kink, but people like to joke about domesticity!kink being a thing. That’d be appreciated because married klaine is good and teenage klaine acting like married klaine is 10 times better.

Harmony. PG. Domestic Fluffiness. Anonymous prompted: after getting back together, Kurt and Blaine set up some rules for cohabitation/their relationship- fluffy and sweet like: Kurt swears to never hold Blaine’s bow ties hostage during an argument (ot sth).

Sunday Morning. PG. Fluff. freefallinfromdreams prompted: future!klaine in their own apartment: lazy sunday morning spent in bed (just because they can!).

No Place Like Home. G. Fluff. This is part of the Klaine hiatus exchange, written for juliette06 who wanted daddies!klaine.

Here For You. NC-17. PWP. hazelandglasz prompted: Kurt is stressed out and Blaine silently takes care of him with little things (his favorite brand of cookies in the cupboards, his special pomegranate and whatever juice in the fridge, all the laundry taken care off) until Kurt is done with whatever was stressing him and he notices all those little attentions and I don’t know, it can turn into more fluff or pure smut, you pick!

Hush. NC-17. PWP. written for this gkm prompt. (I just reeeeally want one of the boys purposefully getting the other one to come in his pants by sneakily reaching over and rubbing him off while in the presence of other people. I don’t want anyone to realize what they’re doing, but I want the boys to get a thrill at the potential of getting caught.)

Goodnight Sweetheart (Well, It's Time To Go). G. Fluff. annahtur prompted: Early Klaine, saying goodnight after a date.

Fall For You. R. Fluff. Written for Klaine AU Friday: autumn!Klaine. Since I love autumn and I love Klaine, I had no choice but to write this.

Blessing. G. Fluff. 5x01 reaction ficlet. (i.e. engaged happy boys and the world's best dad/future father-in-law.) Basically: fluff.

Hazy Shade Of Winter. R. Fluff. hazelandglasz prompted: the heat in the apartment of your OTP is down and baby, it’s damn cold outside.

Bright As Day. G. Fluff. Pinch hitting for the klaine hiatus exchange. This was written for blaien, who prompted: Klaine and bonfire (bonus points for Blaine serenading Kurt with a guitar).

Cheesecake Cabin. NC-17. Fluff. queenofthemambo prompted: Rain, woodsmoke, cheesecake, blow jobs.

Families Are Like Fudge (Mostly Sweet With a Few Nuts). PG. Fluff. [ profile] regala_electra prompted: post-honeymoon blaine and kurt unwrapping wedding gifts they definitely DID NOT put on their wedding registry. (and deciding what to do with them).

Look. NC-17. Fluff/Smut. 5x05 reaction ficlet. Basically just Skype sex. Because it needed to happen.

Behind the Curtain. NC-17. PWP. Anonymous prompted: Klaine having 'sexy time' but they HAVE to be quiet no matter what.

Until Our Stitching Unravels. PG. Fluff and silly boys being silly. Kurt and Blaine have a wedding for their puppets.

Swear To Me. NC-17. PWP. Anonymous prompted: early in their sexual relationship Kurt discovers that his charming, well-mannered boyfriend swears like a sailor whilst in the throes of passion.

For Better or For Worse 'verse: Dystopian AU, arranged marriage, bad!boy Blaine. For Better Or For Worse. R. Dystopian. Kurt and Blaine are the perfect match - according to their test scores. Reality looks a little bit different. From This Day Forward. NC-17. Dystopian. Being matched up by the government may not be the most romantic way to start a life together. But after moving to New York City, Kurt and Blaine are dedicated to making it work. With moving into their own place, forming new friendships, and the creation of a punk band, they both have to learn to navigate the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Truth Time. G. Fluff. luckyjak prompted: Klaine, pretending to be dating before actually dating.

Seasons May Change. NC-17. Fluff. From the time he's five years old, Kurt's best friend lives right across the street – at least for the holidays. (A story about friendship, loneliness and love, told through a series of summers and winters.)

Nightbird 'verse: The One In Which Blaine is Actually A Superhero. Courage. PG. Fluff. Anonymous prompted: Blaine trying to hide that he's Nightbird from his new boyfriend, who has a tendency for getting into trouble. Songbird Superhero. G. Fluff. Singing is not his second superpower. It’s not! A Very Important Conversation. G. Fluff. He does feel a bit bad about the fact that he’ll have to spend their anniversary in bed, but his ribs really do hurt. Flock. PG. Fluff/A bit of angstiness. When it comes down to it, you never really know how it ends, do you?

Not Unusual. G. Fluff/Hurt/Comfort. Anonymous prompted: I had this image in my mind of Blaine having one of those weeks and not feeling like talking about it and Kurt coming back in their home in New York and finding him in the same position on the couch for like the umpteenth time and just knowing what it’s troubling his husband/fiance so much and then just sweet cuddling or so…

Try To Walk Away. NC-17. Fluff. anonymous prompted: klaine disagreeing about the night before the wedding issue: not seeing each other until the ceremony as tradition VS. shenanigans (not being able to sleep alone and sneaking out to see the other, etc!)

Hold Onto The Handrail (or: The Tragic Demise of a Very Expensive Shirt and a Cup of Coffee and the Resulting Awkwardness). G. Fluff. Clumsiness. hazelandglasz prompted: the subway brakes too strongly and bam, au meeting ?

It's All About Priotities. NC-17. PWP. Anonymous prompted: Klaine just got done settling into their apartment and Kurt is tired as heck but Blaine is a bouncy, excited puppy and he’s full of energy and it’s driving Kurt insane so he goes “why don’t you use that energy for something other than making me go crazy” and Blaine’s like “I thought you liked it when I make you go crazy” and he teases Kurt for a while, kissing him and annoying him a little but Kurt can’t really be mad at him, and then Blaine fucks Kurt.

I Really Can't Stay. NC-17. PWP. Anonymous prompted: Can you write Kurt being busy getting ready for Nyada but Blaine is distracting him?

Just Say "I Do". G. Fluff. 5x14 reaction fic, set a few short years later: Kurt and Blaine are finally getting married. No, seriously. They are. At least if Elliott has anything to say about it.

Treasure. G. Fluff. The amount of angst you'd expect for a "Bash" reaction fic. 5x15 reaction fic. He’s never known anyone like him and he feels it so much, tonight – how important it is to love him.

The Best Example. G. Fluff. Anonymous asked: “no but imagine how embarrassing klaine would be as parents like they’d just kiss on the couch and when their 17 year old daughter comes back from school she’d be like GUYS YOU HAVE A ROOM CAN YOU NOT and her friends would come over and be like wow your dads are hot and she’d just be like no i need new friends and new parents this is horrible and it’d be adorable and kurt would just be like “WE’RE MARRIED WE’RE ALLOWED TO DO THIS AND WE OWN THIS HOUSE” and blaine would bribe her with food :)”

Kind of a Big Deal. PG-13. Fluff. For the semi-NSFW fic meme #16: Klaine, one of them having some “private time” and the other accidentally walking in.

Sunday Morning. R. Fluff. dapperycupcake asked you: a waking up scene on a sunday morning?

Some Things Are More Important. G. Fluff. muffinbuttblainers prompted: Blaine has a cold or the flu and feels like shit and thinks Kurt won't be home to take care of him but Kurt gets off work early and nurses Blaine and is super sweet and cuddly.

Adventurous. NC-17. Faily-sex. twitchysquirrel said: Kurt and Blaine discover that, like sex in a hot tub, 69 isn’t as great as everyone says. [ profile] mander3_swish said: Porny prompt… well then you must write a 69 scene for Kurt and Blaine!

Glory Days. G. Fluff. Anonymous said: I just had the randomest thought. When Blaine gets his first grey hair he’s gonna freak out so much like remember that “time capsule” extra thing that happened where Blaine was talking about injecting himself with stem cells or something and Kurt’s trying to make him feel better and he says something like “oh you’re fine honey, I mean look at your dad he’s aged so gracefully” and Blaine is just like WHAT YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON MY DAD and Kurt’s like what. this is not what I meant. such idiots.

Fearlessly ... and Forever. G. Fluff. Early Klaine. Sometimes it’s so easy, you don’t even realize what is happening until it has already happened.

Hickeys. G. Parents!Klaine. Anonymous asked you: kurt giving blaine lots and lots of hickies and their daughter seeing it the next morning like… really dads? really?? and blaine blushes and starts babbling about marriage and loving each other and showing that love in physical ways and their daughter is beyond scarred and kurt just laughs and laughs and laughs.

All Grown Up. G. Parents!Klaine. Anonymous asked: LOL omg it's tracy's prom and kurt and blaine get so nostalgic about prom and being each other's first dance that they're like busy making out on the couch because 'prom the morning after' and Tracy is like 'alright honestly dads tonight is about me so maybe you could tell me how pretty i look instead of acting like teenagers???' and they're like oh sorry trace and her date is just so amused with their family dynamic.

Clash. NC-17. D/s. Dom!Kurt, sub!Blaine. Blaine is a sexual free spirit with a bit of a reputation, Kurt doesn't do casual. It should be impossible, and yet Blaine just cannot stop thinking about him.

(Im)Possible. G. Fluff. Cinderella!Au Being the blacksmith's son doesn't exactly give Kurt a lot of opportunities to put on nice clothes and dance, but then his friends sneak him into a royal ball for the prince's 17th birthday for one night of fun. And for the first time in his life he gets to dance with a boy and flirt with a boy and just be himself - until he has to run off to get back home before his dad notices his absence. What he doesn't know is that the boy he danced with was Prince Blaine himself, and that Blaine, who still believes Kurt to be nobility, leaves no stone unturned to find the wonderful boy he just can't forget...

Reveal. G. Fluff. Early!Klaine, best friends since childhood AU. Written for the prompt: “I’m trying to flirt with you, okay?”

Falling. G. Fluff. College AU. Written for the prompt: “I wish you would notice me and maybe develop feelings for me.”

Friends, Benefits, and All Those Stupid Feelings. R. Skank!Kurt. Fluff. Written for the prompt: ”You are cute but we’re not going to be a thing.”

Distraction of the Best Kind. G. Fluff. Early Klaine. Written for the Klainebookproject. First Warblers rehearsal as boyfriends.

New Guy. G. Fluff. Kurt doesn’t really think he has a type until suddenly he meets the very embodiment of it, dressed in cheap polyester and with way too much gel in his hair.

Support. PG-13. Fluff. Kurt is having an insane week. Blaine just wants to help. Which is proving to be just a tad difficult…

Just Around The Corner. G. Fluff. Teachers!Klaine. Just another first day of school, another morning in another hallway. But sometimes you don’t know what waits for you until you’ve actually turned the corner…

Lullaby. PG-13. Daddies!Klaine. Summer, a cabin by the lake, and a grumpy teenager in tow. In other words, the perfect family vacation. Isn't it?

Equilibrium. G. Fluff. Because sometimes love is all it takes to keep you from falling flat on your face and those two, more than anyone else, have taught him that.

Safe. G. Fluff. Four walls, a roof, and a hug.

Featherbed Jig. PG-13. Humour/Fluff. It's been a long week.

Evening: PG-13. Fluff. Do you think we'll still be living in New York when we're old?

Soft Landing. G. Romance. It's like falling, and for the first time in his life he truly understands what the expression means.

Grace. G. Fluff. He knows now, he knows Kurt, he understands that it's not effortless at all.

Harmony. G. Fluff. Not easier, just different.

Imprint. G. Fluff. It's the little things.

Jukebox. G. Alternate Meeting. Piano Man and bow ties.

Kindred Spirit. G. Kid!Klaine. Anyone can be best friends. But we're like, super-best friends.

Legacy. G. Fluff. I meant, like, we can't actually save people's lives or anything. But we can leave something behind, can't we?

In The Middle Of The Night. G. Kid!Klaine. You're both supposed to be asleep. You're definitely not supposed to be wrecking the kitchen.

Deck The Halls. G. Fluff. Thank you for risking your life to make my Christmas perfect.

Occasion. G. Fluff. Are we celebrating Tuesdays now?

Snow. G. Kid!Klaine. Because apparently being six years old means he's not allowed to have anything fun ever.

Rent. G. Alternate Meeeting. He's in his final year of college. He just wants to live in peace.

Wrapped Up. G. Romance. We should go get coffee or something.

Kind of Ridiculous. G. Humour/Fluff. Admit it, honey. It was bound to happen. This time, gravity won.

Uniform. PG. Bad boy Kurt/Cheerio Blaine. How dare you. I'm a non-conformist and rebellious protester against society's superimposed values, and I have the black hoodie to prove it!

Vacation. PG. Fluff. This is not the airport.

Adventure. G. Alternate Meeting. I may not be from here, but I do know where the subway is.

Blueberry Pancakes. R. Fluffy fluff. It's been a year, by the way. We should celebrate!

Foundation. G. Early Klaine fluff. He's awake, he's wide awake, lying in bed on his side and staring at the phone in his hand with a goofy smile on his face.

Zigzag. G. Some fluffy H/C. “It's not like it was even a good part,” Kurt says, voice tightly controlled, “but it was at least something for the resume.”

Happy New Year. G. Fluff. Their first New Year's kiss happens on the 3rd of January.

Inside These Walls. NC-17. Dystopian. He notices the boy with the kind eyes on his very first day, dressed in slave robes the same way he is. A simple smile means a lot in a world as cold as theirs.

Quiet. G. 6x05 episode reaction fic. Angst. Sleeping is not easy.

Family. G. Fluff. He's not worried. (A moment after the wedding; Burt's POV.)

Morning After. G. Fluff. The morning after the wedding.

Spotlight. G. Alternate Meeting. A small theater, an amazing internship and the opportunity of a lifetime. When things slowly start falling apart, clearly all that's missing is a complete stranger who just wants to make art and help people!

Some Enchanted Yard Sale. G. Fluff. It must be his lucky day.

Wedding Night. R. Fluff. Anonymous said: I was reading an article about "what a wedding night is really like according to married couples" and one story said they had to stop at a drugstore to buy condoms still in their wedding clothes and I couldn't help but imagine klaine in that situation.

Syncopation. R. Hurt/Comfort. When standing still is not an option, you just have to find a way to keep dancing anyway.

Other fanfiction

Pumpkin Pancakes, Star Trek Voyager, implied Tom/B'Elanna, G, humor. Written for the prompt: Voyager, red feather boa, eight-armed alien.

Competition, Bones, implied Booth/Brennan, PG, fluff. Written for the prompt: Bones, late night research.

Great Minds, Firefly/Stargate Atlantis, G, humor. Written for the prompt: River and Rodney, "your theories are problematic."

Stargate Atlantis, Sheppard/Weir

Journey Home, R, fluff. "I wish you could have crashed the jumper a little nearer to the gate."

Five Things That John And Elizabeth Deny, PG-13, fluff. Well, a fic about five things that John and Elizabeth deny. There you go.

TBC. Whenever I have the time. All this SGA stuff was so long ago and I never made a master list back then, but I was bored today... Oh well. Maybe I'll continue it at some point, if not, I'll just be adding new Glee fic...

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